Gary Watson

Delivery Skipper
E-mail: example@mail
Brief info

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Gary Watson isn’t just a yacht delivery skipper; he’s a seasoned mariner, a salty soul with the ocean woven into his very being. From his days navigating treacherous waters as a Coast Guard skipper to his countless yacht deliveries of everything that floats, Gary carries a wealth of experience etched in every wrinkle on his sun-kissed face.

His seafaring journey began as a boy and progressed to the noble service of the Coast Guard. Battling storm and surge, rescuing the lost and wayward, Gary honed his skills under pressure, learning to read the ocean’s moods and command respect from its unforgiving waves.

From luxurious yachts to humble tugboats, Gary has delivered them all. He speaks the language of every hull, understanding their quirks and nuances like a seasoned mechanic understands an engine. No vessel is too big, no sea too rough, for Gary.