Embarking on a journey to deliver a Seawind 1260 from the factory in Vietnam to the beautiful islands of the Philippines was an experience like no other. From provisioning and sea trials to fitting it out for the open sea and ensuring safety throughout the passage, every step of the way was filled with excitement and awe.

Provisioning for the Voyage

Before setting sail, meticulous planning and preparation took place to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Provisioning for the voyage was a crucial step, as it involved stocking the boat with all the necessary supplies to sustain tseawind 1260 planhe crew during the passage. From non-perishable food items to fresh water, fuel, and spare parts, every detail was taken into account to ensure a comfortable and well-equipped journey.

Sea Trials and Fitting Out

Once the Seawind 1260 was provisioned and ready, it was time to put it to the test. Sea trials were conducted to ensure that the boat was in optimal condition and ready for the open sea. This involved checking the performance of the sails, the engine, and all onboard systems. Any necessary adjustments or repairs were made to guarantee a safe and reliable voyage.

Additionally, fitting out the boat for the open sea was a crucial step. This involved securing loose items, stowing away gear, and ensuring that all safety equipment was easily accessible. The builders of the Seawind 1260 were fantastic in providing guidance and assistance, ensuring that the boat was perfectly prepared for the upcoming journey.

A Smooth Sailing Experience

As we set sail from Vietnam towards the Philippines, the Seawind 1260 showcased its remarkable performance. The boat sailed gracefully through the water, providing a comfortable and stable ride. The well-designed hull and rigging allowed for easy maneuverability, making the journey a pleasure for both the crew and the boat itself.

Throughout the passage, the builders’ expertise and attention to detail were evident. The Seawind 1260 proved to be a reliable and seaworthy vessel, effortlessly handling the challenges of the open ocean. The crew felt safe and secure, knowing that the boat was built to withstand the elements.

seawind 1260 test sailEmbracing Safety at Sea

Ensuring safety at sea was of utmost importance throughout the entire journey. The Seawind 1260 was equipped with top-of-the-line safety features, including life jackets, flares, and a well-stocked first aid kit. The crew was well-trained in emergency procedures and took every precaution to mitigate any risks that may arise during the passage.

Regular safety checks were conducted, including inspecting the rigging, checking navigation equipment, and monitoring weather conditions. The builders’ commitment to safety was evident in the meticulous design and construction of the Seawind 1260, providing peace of mind to both the crew and the boat’s owner.

An Unforgettable Adventureseawind 1260 saloon

Delivering the Seawind 1260 from the factory in Vietnam to the Philippines was an unforgettable adventure. From the initial provisioning to the sea trials, fitting out, and ensuring safety throughout the passage, every aspect of the journey was meticulously planned and executed. The Seawind 1260 sailed exceptionally well, and the builders’ expertise and dedication were instrumental in making the voyage a success.

For anyone seeking a reliable and seaworthy vessel, the Seawind 1260 stands out as a remarkable choice. Its performance, comfort, and safety features make it an ideal option for those who crave the thrill of the open sea while ensuring peace of mind throughout the journey.

Embark on your own adventure with the Seawind 1260, and experience the joy of sailing in a vessel that exceeds expectations.

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